Twins Korean Restaurant: enjoying home-style cooking the SSAM (wrapped) way!

Twins Korean Restaurant @ Solaris Mont Kiara, KL

I'm not a K-pop fan. But I watch Korean TV series whenever it's shown on 8TV and I manage to reach home by 8.30pm.  :)  And of course, how could I miss Korean movie "Train to Busan" in cinema recently? It's such a jaw-dropping, nerve-wrecking "train ride" with human ugliness and beauty exposed to the max. So what do I call myself? An Oppa? lol!! 

I also had an awesome holiday trip to Seoul and Busan few years back. I enjoyed the trip very much. Besides the beautiful scenery, the wonderful people, I must say that the authentic home-style Korean food in Korea really captivated me. 

Never in any holiday trip that I had to do my "big business' 3-4 times a day! Can you believe it? haha! I suspect it's due to the enzyme in kim chi and rich fiber in largely vegetable-based Korean food (especially starter dishes) that made my digestion very smooth and fast. :) 

Since then, I have fallen in love with Korean food. I mean, really really falling in love with Korean food! 

There is a regular Korean Restaurant called Twins Korean Restaurant @ Solaris Mont Kiara that I go to whenever I crave for Korean food in KL. It's owned by Korean expatriate who also makes her own Kimchi to sell at the cash counter.

Twins Korean Restauran is not famous, nor it's crowded. But I just love the serenity, authencity, and simplicity of the Korean restaurant's ambience and food. I feel so calm and relaxed enjoying the delicious home-style Korean food there. 

Depending on how many people, my recommendation is to go for the set meals as per below:

Set 1: RM 400 (7-8 persons) or about RM 50 per person
Set 2: RM 250 (5-6 persons) or about RM 42 per person
Set 3: RM 200 (3-4 persons) or about RM 50 per person
Set 4: RM   50 (2-3 persons) or about RM 17 per person

Recommended meal sets.

If it's a small group (up to 5 persons), I would recommend to go for set #4 and top it up with any extra dishes (i.e. bimbimbap, etc). It's more value for money. :)

What is in meal set #4
Set #4: most value for money meal set for 3 persons.

Wow! Wow! Wow! Set #4 (with 1 additional meat dish)
- Isn't it mouth watering? :)

5-6 Banchan (side dishes) 
5-6 tasty free-refill, complimentary side dishes including Kimchi made of fermentaed vetetables and spices, cubed radish Kimchi, Myulchi Bokkeum (stir-dried dried anchovies), Japchae (stir-fried glass noodles), etc.

This is probably the best part of the meal, which makes the whole Korean food very plant-based. Perhaps it's also the banchan that makes me go to toilet 3-4 time a day when holidaying in Korea. Loving it! :)

1 meat dish (pork)
Choose either spicy belly or pork Bulgogi or thin sliced belly, or pork belly, or pork shoulder.
If you are a meat eater, you can add one more pork dish at extra charge.

I usually go for thin sliced belly. Occasionally topping up with pork Bulgogi. But you can try any pork dish as you wish. All are excellent! 

1 soup
Choose either soybean soup or Kimchi soup or soft tofu soup.

I am a die-hard fan of Kimchi (eating Kimchi at home too), so I usually go for Kimchi soup. But I have tried the soft tofu soup as well. Equally delicious and tasty!

Kimchi - any form, anytime for me!!!
This Kimchi soup is super nice and authentic!

2 bowls of rice
If you have 3-5 people, you just need to order extra bowls of rice. The rice is soft and fragrant.

1 can of Sprite & free flow of ice water.

Raw garlic, green pepper and condiment
I love the fresh big garlic and juicy green pepper. You can ask for more once you finish. 

Leafy vetegables
You will be served with free flow of fresh leaft vegetables used to wrap a piece of meat (i.e. pork belly, thin sliced belly, pork Bulgogi, etc) with other fillings (i.e. banchan).

Without the leafy vegetables, the whole Korean eating experience will not be complete.

Enjoy home-style Korean food the "ssäm" (wrapped) way! 

Now that you see all the delicious Korean dishes, are you hungry now? haha! I'm hungry ..... lol!

I know I don't need to share with you how to eat the rice, or the soup or the side dishes (ban chan). But I would like to share with you my most enjoyable part of Korean food eating experience - the SSAM way!

You might ask - what is SSAM?

Ssam simply means "wrapped". :) 

So let's do some (w) rapping here.... shall we? :)

Firstly, let's put 1 piece of bite-size leafy vegetables on the palm of your hand.

Next, you can put a piece of meat (thin sliced pork, etc) and other fillings (i.e. banchan side dishes) and rice (if you wish) on the leafy vegetable.

After that, you can accompany it with condiment known as assemjang.

Lastly, you can top it with the fresh big raw garlic and juicy green pepper.

Now, it's time to SSAM!! 

I mean - it's time to wrap it all up and put inside your mouth!! :)

Dad is enjoying home-style cooking Korean food the SSAM way! :)

My goodness - the more I write about it, the hungrier I have become!! Mouth watering for my most favourite home-style cooking Korean food at Twins Korean Restaurant in Solaris Mont Kiara again!! 

Twins Korean Restaurant, here I come again..... :) 

Name   : Twins Korean Restaurant
Address: Jalan Solaris 4, Solaris Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur.

Written on 2016.10.22



  1. VK,if 10 person include 2 teenager, which set should take?

    1. Hi Carol, it depends on what you like because the sets come with different dishes too. So you can check out the menu to see if the dishes are what you prefer. Alternatively, you can always order the set of 4 x 2 orders plus some other alar carte dishes. :) Enjoy yeah! btw - I went there again 2 weeks ago lol!

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