How to pump a road bike tire

I have not ridden on a bicycle since my half Ironman triathlon at 113 Triathlon Bukit Merah in September 2016. My HASA road bike, bought last year for the sole purpose of participating in my first Half Ironman triathlon, has been collecting dust for the last 5 months.

I thought I should bring it out for a ride now that I'm having a week off from work for the Chinese New Year break. Only then I realized that both tires have deflated with little air inside. 

Even though I have a GIYA air pressure pump, I couldn't really figure out how to properly pump my road bike. (Sham on me!)

Thank goodness for the YouTube video on "How to pump a road bike tire"! It literally saved my life.

Now with HASA road bike fully pumped, I'm ready to bring it out for a ride again! :)

I am sharing this simple yet practical YouTube video here in case you also face the same challenge as me. I'm truly a dummy when it comes to bicycle's technical knowledge. haha! This will also allow me to search for the video easily the next time I forget how to pump my road bike tire again. :)

Written on 2017.01.30


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