Kick start cycling in 2017 after 5 months idle

Seeing beautiful KL city through the eyes of HASA road bike atop Mayor Hill, Bukit Tunku

I have been feeling guilty for not taking my HASA road bike out for a ride since 113 Triathlon Bukit Merah in September 2016. !! Poor HASA! If HASA road bike can talk, surely I will be scolded left right center for my merciless act of abandoning HASA at home for 5 months with dust and deflated tire air pressure!

Yes, 5 months idle! 

On Chinese New Year Day #4 (January 30, 2017), I finally decided to kick start cycling in 2017 by bringing my HASA road bike out for a 27 km ride at Bukit Tunku and Tasik Perdana (Lake Garden).

22 km exhaustive discovery of Bukit Tunku Hills

22 km at Bukit Tunku and 5 km at Perdana Botanical Garden KL

Initially I wanted to ride on my usual running route from Padang Merbuk to Seri Hartamas to cover 30 km distance. But since it was a working day and there were some cars (not as many as usual due to Chinese New Year festive season) on the road, I decided to be safe and explore Bukit Tunku instead.

As you could see from the cycling route captured on my Garmin Connect through Garmin VivoActive watch, I actually took the opportunity to cycle into many roads leading to some beautiful expensive homes and condos in the secluded, exclusive neighborhood

It was quite a wonderful discovery for me as I have never been to all these inroads into beautiful homes and condos before. So I took the opportunity to truly appreciate what Bukit Tunku has to offer to Kuala Lumpur with its serenity, peace and quiet. And all the nice houses - wow! How I wish I know someone staying in Bukit Tunku so that I can be a special guest to one of the homes there one day!! haha!

Seriously, I could never imagine by combing through almost all inroads at Bukit Tunku hills, I could actually cover 22 km! It was a pleasant surprise on a cool morning! Refreshing discovery!

Bukit Tunku highlight: Mayor Hill with breathtaking KL city view

Yeap! Kuala Lumpur is a beautiful city! And Mayor Hill is one of those high points which runners and cyclists like to come to take a good snap shot of KL city view and breath in freshest air in cool mornings!

I rode up here before couple times last year. With the kick start of my cycling in 2017, I would not have missed bringing HASA road bike to do a selfie! :) 

Yohoo! I brought HASA road bike to have the best view of Kuala Lumpur

Another KL city view from Mayor Hill Bukit Tunku , taken with my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

5 km ride at Perdana Botanical Garden Kuala Lumpur

I came out from our National Monument and my Garmin VivoActive only captured 22 km. Therefore, I decided to cycle into Perdana Botanical Garden going pass the museums, mosque, planetarium and then into the Lake Garden itself before heading back to Padang Merbuk. 

I managed to stop at the lake to take some photos for article writing purpose. :)

Perdana Botanical Garden Kuala Lumpur

Perdana Botanical Garden Kuala Lumpur

HASA road bike, let's see the world through cycling again!

With completion of 27 km cycling in Kuala Lumpur after 5 months idle, my joy of cycling has finally returned. And my guilt is gone and my HASA road bike is super happy! lol! Everyone is a winner! Yohoo!

Even though I don't have plans to register for any triathlon or cycling event during the first half of 2017, I will still try my best to bring HASA out for a leisure ride once a while. 

I shall spend more time on cycling once I have a triathlon event to participate in mind during second half of 2017 - perhaps my second half ironman triathlon if there is one? 😊

 My beloved HASA, let's see 👀 the world together through cycling once again! 😉

Written by Vincent Khor on Feb 1, 2017


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