Missing You...

I have been bringing my dad to visit my mom at Nilai Memorial Park once every 2 to 3 weeks for the last 1+ year.  Our last visit was on the first day of Chinese New Year - Feb 4, 2017 (Saturday). But today, I missed my mom again.

Since I forgot to bring her the mandarin orange during the last visit, I decided to bring my dad to visit my mom again today with the mandarin orange, some kuih that she loves, and the home-planted flowers (which she planted) from our garden.

As my dad and I were accompanying my mom at Nilai Memoral Park, I couldn't help myself to walk around my mom's resting place and find some very meaningful and touching messages from the loved ones of my mom's neighbors.

I took photos of some of the loving and touching messages for their loved ones to share with all. I believe every single word, every single sentence was written out of deep love.

Missing you...

I believe we all lost someone in our lives. And we miss them terribly everyday.

Yes, we put up a brave smile upfront to face the world. But deep inside our heart, we know nothing will be the same again.

If you were to ask me today how I feel compared to a year ago, I would say my heart is more at peace and I am starting to accept the fact that I can only see my mom in my dreams or in heaven one day.

I still miss my mom everyday. But I also know that she wants me to live well.

Living a meaningful life...

Now, I focus more on living a meaningful life. I want to make my mom proud... not so much of my career success or financial achievements but to what extent I can put little impact on other people's lives.

She has a kind soul and heart. And I definitely want her spirit to live on in me.

Currently, I'm also in the midst of looking deeply into some social causes that are close to my mom's and my hearts. I pray that God will show me a sign to direct my path to something that will allow my to devote more time into helping others.

Special dedication to all who miss your loved ones

I believe they would want all of us to be strong, to live well.

Life is short, fragile, and does not wait for anyoneThere will never be a perfect time to pursue your dreams and goals other than right now!







Written by Vincent Khor on Feb 12, 2017


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