Genting Sempah - hill training paradise for cyclists and runners

It has been 7 months since I last ran at Genting Sempah. I missed the cool weather, the fresh air, the peace and quietness of the surroundings, and the hills!

Yes, I missed running the hills at Genting Sempah - the 15 km uphill and 15 km downhill run. Hence, I decided to join some running friends to run the Genting Sempah route again last Sunday.

Route 68 Challenge 2017 registration

Besides, I have signed up for Route 68 Challenge 2017 which will be held this coming April. Guess which distance / category I signed up for? 168 km? 84 km? 50 km? :)

If I signed up for 168 km, I guess I would have ended up residing in Tanjung Rambutan mental hospital. If I signed up for 84 km, I guess I would have ended up in the emergency room in Hospital Kuala Lumpur.  If I signed up for 50 km, I would still be considered sane! :)

And I believe I'm still sane (unless others think otherwise). haha! Hence, 50 km it's, and not the crazy 84 km or the xiao xiao (super crazy) 168 km!! 😮

Loving Genting Sempah

Last Sunday's 30 km run at Genting Sempah was awesome!! It was such a nice, windy, cooling morning. And the wind was the strongest as I have ever experienced. Running up the hills against the wind was also rather tough! But it was very exciting and fun!

Actually I have written an article on my Genting Sempah running experience previously. I jotted down the reasons why I love to run at Genting Sempah. If you are interested to read, you can click here.

For this article, I just would like to share some photos taken during last Sunday's run. I also wanted to highlight that after 7 months not being at Genting Sempah, I found that it's still as beautiful and nice as before.

Eyesore at Genting Sempah

It was rather eyesore to see more rubbish on the road side compared to 7 months ago. This is rather discouraging.

I really wish one day I can be part of an effort to go there to pick up the rubbish and have some clean up work along the 15 km stretch.

Beyond Genting Sempah

It's for sure that I will run at Genting Sempah more. And with Route 68 Challenge's 50 km category, it will allow me to run beyond Genting Sempah.

Let's wait for the discovery in April. :) Nervous but excited at same time!!

Note: To read my previous article on Genting Sempah running, please click here

Written by Vincent Khor on Feb 16, 2017.


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