4 Teeth Left - But Still Smiling!

My 93 year-old dad had to have one of his remaining 7 teeth extracted a couple months back due to pain. This afternoon, the dentist extracted 2 more teeth, leaving only 4 teeth left. I really kasihan (pity) him! 

His upper dentures (false teeth) has been with him for the last 30-40 years. He only has few remaining lower teeth to help him bite and munch food. 

Even before the teeth extraction today, he already has been having difficulty in munching food. He can't munch on hard food. Even vegetables, if it's hard, he will not be able to munch and chew. Snce he doesn't like to eat porridge, vegetable soup or soft noodle seems to be something he can only eat comfortably. 

But today, I cooked porridge for him and myself. He - due to pain in his teeth and me - due to not feeling well. haha!! So we both ended up eating my poorly cooked vegetable porridge. :)

Back to my dad - I pity him yet admire him. When he was asked several times if he really wanted his 2 teeth to be extracted knowing with 4 teeth left and the dentures, it would be even harder for him to munch on food from now onward.

Yet he was very assertive in his answer. He said, 'yes, pull the teeth!". 

He even said that if one day he has no more teeth, he will think about what to do next. For now, one teeth at a time...

The dental clinic close to my house with a very gentle dentist.

After pulling 2 teeth, he felt a bit dizzy. so he sat for a while before standing up.
Pulling 2 teeth at one go must be a rather sad experience for him, especially knowing that with only 4 teeth left, he will have even more challenges to eat food. 

But surely I can learn from him - for being very practical and solving problem one at a time. In this case, one tooth at a time. :)

But the most important lesson I have learned through this wise man is that even with 4 teeth left, a person should still be smiling! :) 

Come to think of it - how many people in this world that we meet each day don't carry a smile on their face?

I have read it somewhere that says something like this, 

Your teeth aren't pearly until you smile.

And I do bump / meet people who don't smile, even in office. :) Wouldn't it be nice if everyone smiles at each other?

If my dad with only 4 teeth left still can smile, why can't we put on a beautiful smile too every day? 

😃Always Smile! 😃

Life isn't always full of reason to smile, but your smile itself is a reason for others to smile too.  

Written by Vincent Khor on Feb 19, 2017.


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