It's your road and yours alone

Inspirational Quote

It's your road and yours alone.
Others may walk with you 
but no one can walk it for you.

Family, friends and colleagues' support and encouragement are important. And they walk with you in your journey of life - at different time, different phases.

Friends and colleagues might come and go, but family is always there for you no matter what happens. 

Even so, no one can live you life for you, not even your parents.

God has a special plan for each and everyone of us. A unique special life plan that's different from others.

And the only way to find out what you are destined to be in this world is to walk the life journey courageously and boldly. 

It's your road and yours alone. No one can walk it for you, but yourself. But fear not, God is with you. 

Walk it!

Run it!

Live it!

A beautiful rainbow awaits you......

Photo taken at Bukit Jalil Park, Kuala Lumpur with Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

Written by Vincent Khor on June 19, 2017.


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