How to make perfect hard boiled eggs that are easy to peel

Why was it so difficult for me to peel the shell from my hard-boiled eggs? The shell stuck to the egg. I had to peel the shell little by little so that the egg white could be detached from the shell.

But no matter how I tried, there were bound to have some "unfinished business". Some of the little pieces of broken shell were still attached with egg white.

You would not see a smooth peeled egg from me. Instead you would see a peeled egg that looked like surface of the moon - with uneven holes. 😋

Lots of eggs for protein...

I don't eat much meat. I haven't been eating much plant-based protein like tofu, bean curd, etc either. This is to accommodate my dad's diet. Only small portion of protein - animal or plant based is allowed daily.

Eggs?  I have been eating about one or two eggs per week only for the last two to three years. And I eat only egg white, throwing away the egg yolk.

A seasoned runner advised me recently to "consume more eggs for protein" to cope with my increased running weekly mileage and new tempo run. Protein helps 

According to Hammer Nutrition,
"Protein plays an important part in the energy and muscle preservation needs of endurance athletes. Proterin is mainly known for its role in the repair, maintenance, and growth of body tissues. It also has a role in energy supply."
Hence, I thought of giving it a try! :)

Hard boiled egg and cold water

Our domestic helper would boil two fresh eggs for me to bring to the gym. I would then peel the shell and eat the egg white of the hard-boiled eggs after my treadmill running or strength training.  
Initially I couldn't even peel the shell off without having the egg white stuck with it. Then my dad mentioned that my mom used to put the hard-boiled eggs into cold water to cool down. Only then the shell could be peeled off easily.

Viola! This method works!! Cold water is the magic!!

So here is how:

  1. Crack the egg
  2. Roll on hard surface / counter
  3. Peel shell while the egg is submerged in cold water

If you still find it hard to peel using the above method, one of the websites mentioned that it's probably due to the fact that the eggs are too fresh. It will be easier to peel if the eggs are one week or ten days older. But for me, I would rather eat a fresh but harder to peel hard boiled egg than a not-so-fresh easier to peel hard boiled egg. 

Happy egg shell peeling! 👏👏👏

Egg protein power!!

Written by Vincent Khor on July 25, 2017.


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