Tourist running at Pattaya Beach Road, Thailand

How could I resist not to run even during holiday? My itchy running feet!😊

Early July, I took an AirAsia direct flight to Pattaya, Thailand for a holiday break. Staying at a hotel 200 meter walkfrom the famous Pattaya Beach Road fronting the beautiful Pattaya beach, I would be filled with remorse if I didn't run.

I couldn't quite remember when was my last overseas holiday trip without running a full marathon. I believe it was three years ago to Taiwan. Since I'm hooked on running I would choose a holiday destination and date that coincide with a full marathon there. It allows me to "kill two birds with one stone". haha!

Pattaya trip was different. It was solely a holiday trip - without running a full marathon. 

Since I was still in recovery and running break after I injured myself with ITB band in May, I intentionally chose the weekend when Hulu Langat Marathon was held. That would force me to let go of my Hulu Langat Marathon's running BIB for a friend to run legally. (I informed race director and made the necessary name change and update in the system prior to event) It was also the weekend before Pattaya Marathon, which I was so tempted to run. This decision helped me not to think about the two full marathons that I would have participated if not due to my injury. What a weird way to make decision yeah! Only runners can understand!! lol!!

I was glad I brought along my old Skechers GoRun running shoe to Pattaya. No marathon? Fine. But I could still run as a tourist, right? 😉

Here is the account of my 8 km "tourist run" in Pattaya Beach, Thailand. I am sharing the detailed route because I highly recommend this route to all runners and travelers who plan to visit Pattaya, Thailand for holiday. It's a must to run or walk the whole 8 km of it. You might be pleasantly surprised by what you might discover!

Pattaya Beach Road 8 km running route

  • Where    : Pattaya Beach Road, Thailand
  • Distance : 8 km (one loop); 4 km (one way)
  • Route     : Scenic flat beach route from Dusit Thani Resort (roundabout) to Walking Street, then to Bali Hai Pier and back to Dusit Thani Resort. 
I have provided Pattaya Beach map below for your convenience. This is the most famous and popular beach in Pattaya. All the major shopping malls (Central Festival Pattaya Beach, Royal Garden Plaza, CentralPlaza Marina Pattaya, Mike Shopping Mall), and hotels are located here. 

Pattaya beach is beautiful. If you are like me who love to run, you will also be running on the wide pedestrian pavement along Pattaya beach. The pedestrian pavement is very clean and wide. No manholes. No unevenness. It's a beautiful pedestrian pavement. 

On one side, you get to see beautiful Pattaya beach, the sand, the sky, the sea. One the other side, you get to run passed all major shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, cafes along the Pattaya beach road.

Wide, flat pavement along Pattaya Beach Road. Good for running!

A morning runner at Pattaya Beach Road

Simple awesome to run next to a beach

And of course, running passed the Walking Street in the early morning with all the bars closed will give you a serene experience from the night time. 

You must run until Bali Hai Pier. A beautiful pier with ferries to Koh Larn (Coral Island). You will get to see the beautiful Pattaya beach from Bali Hai Pier. It gives you a different angle and aspect of what Pattaya might be seen. Very refreshing view indeed!!

Dusit Thani Resort to Walking Street (3.2 km one way)

This stretch from Dusit Thani Resort (there is a roundabout there - you won't miss it) to Walking Street is about 3.2 km one way.

If you stay at any of the hotels within this stretch, you don't actually need to start at Dusit Thani Resort. You can just get out from your hotel and go to Pattaya Beach Road. 

From there, you then turn right to run towards Dusit Thani Resort. Make a u-turn at the round about. You can then run back and pass your hotel along the Pattaya Beach Road towards Walking Street.

Alternatively, you can turn left and run towards Walking Street first. You can cover the Dusit Thani Resort part on your way back. Either way is good. 

As for me, I came out from the hotel I stayed at Soi Si (4th Road) then walked to Pattaya Beach Road. From there, I ran towards Walking Street, covering the uncovered part on Pattaya Beach Road (Soi Si to Dusit Thani Resort) on my way back.

As it was a leisure tourist run, I took my time to stop and snap photos with my new GoPro HERO Black action camera. I was still very new with my GoPro Hero Black action camera. It took me a while to familiarize with the functions. 

Don't forget to enjoy your run here.

Look out and smile to other runners.

Let the sea breeze blow on your face.

Hear the wind and the sound of the waves.

See the locals setting up the beach umbrellas and hanging out along the beach.

See pigeons, birds, and dogs along Pattaya Beach Road.

There is a roundabout next to Dusit Thani Resort. This is where to make a u turn back.

So lucky to see some early morning pigeons

Pigeons fed by some tourists and locals

Beautiful beach along Pattaya Beach Road

I experimented with GoPro HERO Black action camera to take this shot. :)

Another experiment with GoPro HERO Black action camera.

With the fish eye function in GoPro HERO Black action camera, my face looks round too.. haha! Cool!

Walking Street to Bali Hai Pier (800 meter one way)

The morning Walking Street was so different from the evening Walking Street. All bars and shops were closed. Not many people along this 800 m stretch as well. I guess people visit Walking Street mostly in the afternoon or evening. Occasionally, I saw some tourists walking towards Bali Hai Pier, ready to take the early 8.00 am ferry to Coral Island. I saw a couple runners running towards me a well. Other than that, it was a very peaceful and quiet moment. 

Entrance to Walking Street

When I reached Bali Hai Pier, I got so excited. I saw some stray dogs at the beach near the pier. So I went to the beach and took some photos. I rested there for a while sitting on the beach enjoying the cool morning sea breeze. Very relaxing indeed!
Bali Hai Pier... Breathtaking

Friendly stray dogs accompanying me at Bali Hai Pier

Another scenic view of Pattaya from Bali Hai Pier through GoPro HERO Black action camera lens

Time to sit on the sand and relax.... before running back ..

A memory shot of running at Pattaya with Skechers GoRun shoe! :)

Topless running back  :)

After taking some photos, resting at the beach, and seeing the tourists walking towards the ferries to Coral Island, it was time for me to run back. 

It was about 7.30 am local time when I ran back. There were still not many people at Walking Street. But along the Pattaya Beach Road, there were more and more tourists arriving by loads of buses. They were there for their excursion to Coral Island with private speed boats.

For the run back, I decided to enjoy the freedom of running even more. 
I decided to take off my running vest and run topless from Walking Street to Dusit Thani Resort and back to my hotel. 

Initially, I still felt awkward and uncomfortable running topless passing by so many locals and tourists. But then I told myself that no one knew me anyway in this beautiful Pattaya beach. Besides, it's a beach area. If beach goers can take off their clothes at the beach, why not taking off my shirt to run? haha! 

Anyway, I was so happy I didn't let the perceptions of others stop me from enjoying my morning beach run at Pattaya Beach Road. I felt so good running topless with the sea breeze, the cool air, and the scenic views!! I felt so free, liberated and light!! 😊 (No, No - I won't post the topless photo here. haha!)

I must try again the next time I visit Pattaya!! :)

Garmin Vivo Active

No topless photo but this one instead - Garmin Vivo Active. haha! 

Written by Vincent Khor on July 25, 2017.


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