Meet Ms Hai Yeah, Hai Meh, Wah (in Cantonese) at treadmills

I don't quite enjoy treadmill running. I prefer outdoor running instead. I can run longer outdoor because it's not boring! But treadmill running has its wonderful benefits. It provides all the convenience for running indoor: the pace, the time, the distance, the air-con, and the CNN news and MTV on the TV monitor.

I was supposed to run 7 km on treadmill yesterday but I got tired after strength training. This morning, I decided to switch the routine: run first while I was still fresh before my strength training.

So there I was, in the gym, running the treadmill set at Level 12 while watching CNN and MTV on TV monitors on the wall.

I was so happy to have few morning gym goers running on treadmills next to me. Two of them were regular gym goers in their forties. They were waiting for their Yoga class to start so that decided to run / walk on the treadmill first.

The interesting conversations in Cantonese between two of them really kept me glued to my treadmill, helping me to complete my 7 km run at Level 12. lol! I was really entertained by their Cantonese conversation! haha!

Meet Ms Hai Yeah, Hai Meh, Wah  (in Cantonese)

Ms A: Oh... you are here for the Yoga class?
Ms B: Hai Yeah! (Yes! in English)

Ms A: Me too. Running now while waiting for the class. Now I have time to come to gym as my kids grow up already.

Ms B: Hai Meh? (Really? in English)

Ms A: They do very well at universities and their jobs.

Ms B: Wah! Hai Meh? (Wow! Really? in English)

Ms A: Yeah! So now I don't have to worry so much about them. Your kids also grow up already, right?

Ms B: Hai Yeah! (Yes! in English)

I noticed Ms B didn't talk much. 

The most word that came out of her mouth was "Hai Yeah! (Yes in English)", followed by "Hai Meh? (Really? in English)" and lastly "Wah! (Wow! in English).


I could tell Ms A was more extrovert than Ms B.Both were very nice ladies with passion for good health. Their interesting conversion about family, morning marketing and exercises continued for about 20 minutes, from KM3 to KM7 on my treadmill. 

Great thanks to them! At least they helped me to complete my 7 km otherwise boring treadmill run this morning! :) 

Interesting gym life!

Written by Vincent Khor on July 27, 2017.


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