Stunning view at Bali Hai Pier Pattaya, Thailand

I have been to Pattaya several times, but never once I really took a closer look at Bali Hai Pier Pattaya, commonly known as Pattaya Pier.

My most recent holiday trip in early July was different. I brought along with me my first ever GoPro HERO Black action camera. It was a lovely present from my colleagues and friends. They knew I had been eyeing for GoPro HERO Black action camera for quite sometime. They truly made my wish come true. I'm very grateful to them for this wonderful action camera.

Hence, the Pattaya trip had become a perfect travel destination for me to explore and learn about what GoPro HERO black action camera could do. 

Bali Hai Pier Pattaya

If you don't plan for day trips to the surrounding islands like Coral Island (Koh Larn), you might have missed this beautiful pier. Pattaya Pier is tucked away at the end of Walking Street near the southernmost point of the beautiful Pattaya Bay. Any tourist or traveler might have missed it. But please don't!! It's definitely a MUST place to visit in Pattaya!! 

I went there twice during this trip. Once was around 9.00 am, trying to take the 10.00 am ferry to Coral Island.  Another time was during my morning run the following day, reaching there around 7.30 am. Both times gave me different experiences of Bali Hai Pier.

If you prefer more peace and quiet with less crowd, visit the place early in the morning. Best still, run or walk there from your nearby hotel to experience the sea breeze and cool air with tranquility. You might be accompanied with some friendly stray dogs too.

But if you are planning on day trip to surrounding islands, then welcome to the hive of activity. Bali Hai Pier Pattaya is filled with endless island day trippers, scuba divers, and fishing hobbyists. The pier stretches out about 300 m into the sea from Pattaya bay with no cars allowed.

Ferry service to surrounding islands

Of course, most travelers if not all come to Bali Hai Pier Pattaya to take the regular ferry service to Coral Island (Koh Larn), which is about 10.5 km away. The regular ferry takes about 45 minutes to arrive.

Below is the regular ferry service schedule:
  • From Bali Hai Pier Pattaya to Naban Pier
    • 7.00 am, 11.00 am, 1.00 pm, 3.00 pm, 4.00 pm
  • From Naban Pier to Bali Hai Pier Pattaya
    • 6.30 am, 7.30 am, 10,00 am, 1.00 pm, 5.00 pm, 6.00 pm, 6.30 pm
  • From Bali Hai Pier Pattaya to Twaen Beach
    • 8.00 am, 9.00 am, 12.00 pm, 2.00 pm

  • From Twaen Beach to Bali Hai Pier Pattaya
    • 2.00 pm, 3.00 pm, 4.00 pm, 5.00 pm
You can purchase the tickets on the pier close to the ferry itself. It's rather cheap, only about 30 Thai Baht one way to Naban Pier or Tawaen Beach. During the day I was there, I could see crowds of day trippers walking up or down the pier. Some would stop to take photos and selfies before boarding the ferries. 

I took some photos with my GoPro HERO Black action camera of the ferries and boats at the pier with day trippers. I thought you might want to have a glimpse of how beautiful the pier is through the wide-angle lens of action camera.

Many ferries at the pier.

I love this wide angle shot because it covers the pier, the ferries and the beautiful backdrop of Pattaya Bay.

Here is how I took the photo.. with GoPro HERO Black action camera. Loving it!

300 meter pier to the jetty.

Day trippers walking towards the jetty for ferry service

Everyone was so relaxing in beach wear and sandals!

Chartered Speedboat

I saw quite a number of speed boats speeding around the pier. Later I found out that those were chartered speedboats from Bali Hai Pier Coral Island and other islands including Koh Sak and Koh Krok. Some holiday goers also charter boats for finishing and island-hopping trips here.

If to charter a speedboat to Coral Island, the cost is around 1,500 and 3,000 Thai Baht. And if a speedboat can fit up to twelve people, that means it will only be 125 - 250 Thai Baht per person. Quite reasonably priced indeed!

Chartered speed boat 

another shot of beautiful Pattaya beach with a chartered speed boat
A selfie with Go Pro. Hope my face didn't turn out to be like gold-fish due to the wide-angle function. haha!

Bali Hai Pier Pattaya - I really love the beautiful scenic view

Below the pier

With my GoPro HERO Black action camera, I decided to be a little bit more adventurous. I took the staircase down to the bright yellow floating deck for speedboats below the 300-meter pier.

Wow! The view from this angle was simply awesome!! Through the lens of action camera, I managed to see things from a different angle connecting the sea water to the pier. In a way, it's like seeing life in different perspectives. Cool!

A photo taken from the yellow floating deck. 

A floating deck where boats would drop off passengers or pick up passengers.

I intentionally took this photo with wide angle to show that life can be seen through different perspectives.

Yes - me and the Bali Hai Pier Pattaya!! Unforgettable experience!

At Pattaya Bay

You must think I was crazy taking so many photos at just one location. I couldn't help it. :)

I was born on an island. I was an island beach boy per say! ha! ha! And I have special fondness of beaches and islands. I feel so peaceful whenever I'm at the beach with the sand under the clear sky and the sun brightly shining.

In Pattaya, I felt so so relaxed. I love Bali Hai Pier Pattaya very much. I couldn't hep it but to snap few more photos at the bay.
Speed boats that carry day trippers to surrounding islands docking at Pattaya Bay beach.

Pattaya Pattaya Pattaya! I'm going to miss you!

Thirsty? Drink Cha Yen (Thai iced tea)

There was a small little cafe right at the beginning of the pier serving wonderful Thai iced tea! 

Ahhhhhhhhhh!! Ooooooooh! Thai iced tea Cha Yen tasted so so good and soothing after a couple of hours out at the pier under hot sun. 

yummilicious!! Cha Yen - Thai iced tea!

I will come back... and to Coral Islands 

I chose the wrong ferry service hour of 10.00 am to go to Coral Island. When I was there around 9.00 am, it was already rather hot and crowded. I decided not to go to Coral Islands this round but to stay longer at Bali Hai Pier Pattaya to take more photos playing with my GoPro HERO Black action camera instead. 

Hey - that has left me another solid reason to visit Pattaya again soon. 

During my next visit, I will consider the earliest ferry service at 7.00 am or 8.00 am instead of later to avoid crowd. Alternatively I might just consider chartering a speedboat with other day trippers. 

Stay tuned for my next travel trip to Pattaya. It's one of the few beaches / islands that I love to visit again and again. 

Written by Vincent Khor on July 27, 2017.


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