Tokyo Marathon 2018: lucky at 5th try?

A year ago...

If ever there is a full marathon that I MUST run in this lifetime at all cost, it has got to be the famous Tokyo Marathon.

Same day last year, I submitted my registration for Tokyo Marathon 2017 for the 4th time. I joined 321,458 others who anxiously, prayerfully hoped to be selected during the balloting process to be able to run at the world-famous Tokyo Marathon, one of the World Marathon Majors, and the only one in Asia.

Unfortunate, my prayer was not answered. I joined 285,959 crying runners who were not successful. Only 35,000 runners (11%) were selected during the lottery. How lucky were the 35,000 runners!!

I told myself Tokyo Marathon would be the only full marathon that I would continue trying every year until I'm selected or I couldn't run anymore one day. I'm serious! No joke!! That's how desperate I wanted to run at Tokyo Marathon!

A year later today...

Tokyo Marathon 2018 will be held on February 25, 2018.

It's open for general entry starting today August 1.

I eagerly registered for the 5th time this morning.

Yes, you heard it right. The 5th time!  The previous four (4) times were all unsuccessful! Sob! Sob!

Will I be lucky at 5th try?

I can only pray very very hard about it.

Let's wait until end September to see the lottery result!!

But please please please please please.... Tokyo Marathon 2018 organizer, please give me a chance to run at Tokyo Marathon at my fifth (5th) try next year!

For more info

For those who have not registered, please go to Tokyo Marathon 2018 official website to register.

If you want to see your chance of 'winning the lottery" at Tokyo Marathon 2018, you can read my last year's post on Tokyo Marathon with some statistical analysis.

All the best to all the runners all over the world!!

Written by Vincent Khor on August 1, 2017.


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