Running at Bowen Road Fitness Trail, Hong Kong

A runner is always a runner. If you as a runner and you don't run for a few days, I'm sure you will feel that something is missing in your life. It's just like you need to have that daily coffee fix if you are a coffee lover.

Whenever I travel, I either wear my running shoe or bring a pair along in my briefcase. Last week I had an opportunity to travel to Hong Kong. I was very excited because I told myself this round I would want to explore Bowen Road Fitness Trail.

Steep uphill track from Wan Chai Gap Road

I stayed in one of the hotels in Wan Chai close to Time Square Shopping Mall. I understand that there are a few ways to reach Bowen Road Fitness Trail. Naturally, I looked for the closest way from the hotel. It happened to be 2 km away to a very steep Wan Chai Gap Road.

It was a rather cool morning on a summer day in Hong Kong. I put on my running gear, wore my Garmin GPS Vivoactive watch and carried GoPro HERO 5 Black action camera with selfie stick in one hand and Handy smart phone from hotel in another hand for GPS navigation. At around 6.15 pm, I ran slowly following the GPS location map on Handy smart phone towards Wan Chai Gap Road, passing through a large wet market.

As soon as I reached the bottom of Wan Chai Gap Road, I could see some morning joggers, dog walkers. I knew I was on the right direction.

The uphill track to Bowen Road Fitness Trail is rather steep and long. I tried to run up the track slowly but later I decided to walk up while enjoying the scenery. Not easy of a climb I must say! I saw some hikers with their hiking sticks. How I wish I could borrow from them! 

A little paradise above city life below

When I reached the Bowen Road Fitness Trail from Wan Chai Gap Road, I saw many runners, joggers, and dog walkers along this well-paved quiet road.

I understand that the whole Bowen Road Fitness Trail is about 9.55 km one way. Since I reached the trail from the middle via Wan Chai Gap Road, I had two options: i) turn left and run towards Happy Valley or ii) turn right and run towards The Peak and Hong Kong Park. 

Since it was my first time and I needed to get back to hotel by 8.00 am, I decided to only explore one part of Bowen Road Fitness Trail this round. I turned right and ran in the direction of The Peak and Hong Kong Park.

Along this very well-maintained, flat, tree-lined, one-way route, I couldn't stop myself from stopping many many times, drawn by breathtaking views over the Hong Kong city for the whole run.

I felt as if I was immersed in a whole other world. There was no car noise, no bus noise, and no pollution. I felt so much at peace with its quietness in the jungles, vistas and woods. It was truly a beautiful little paradise in the midst of a metropolitan city. I didn't feel like I was in a congested Hong Kong at all. What a relaxing wonderful feeling being up there at Bowen Road Fitness Trail with the jungles and trees!

Running on the trail with some of the buildings and houses below your feet, it was kind of amazing! I felt like running on clouds! Perhaps I have wild imagination! But I have never had this running experience before seeing the high-rise buildings below my feet! Wow!

As I ran for about 3 km, I saw a few houses, condominiums and cars. When I looked at the road sign, it showed that I ran into Bowen Road already. During this stretch, I saw quite a number of Filipino domestic helpers and dog owners bringing the dogs out for a walk. Most of them have two dogs. I guess the purpose is to keep each other company. I would think that they must be very rich and having a big house. Otherwise, how can they keep two dogs? ha! ha!

After about 4 km of leisure running on Bowen Road Fitness Trail, I decided to turn back to make it back to hotel by 8.00 am. The total distance covered was 8.5 km at a snail pace while enjoying the beautiful scenery of Hong Kong from above.

Bowen Road Fitness Trail is really a beautiful place to run with convenient toilets. The runners and dog walkers are all very friendly. I said good morning to them and they returned with a friendly smile! Even when I wanted to take photos of the lovely dogs and I asked for permissions, they gladly allowed me to take the dogs' photos. How nice!! 

The next trip I return to Hong Kong, I shall run from Central to Happy Valley covering the whole 9.55 km! Yes, I definitely will return to run at this little paradise above HK city life below.

Note: All pictures were shot using GoPro HERO 5 Black action camera.

Written by Vincent Khor on September 11, 2017


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