Tokyo Marathon 2018: Your own story about running

Wow! Today I received an email from Tokyo Marathon 2018 Entry Desk to congratulate on my successful entry into Tokyo Marathon 2018. 

They also asked me (and other successful participants I believe) to share our own stories and episodes about marathons/running.

Selected stories will then be featured on Tokyo Marathon's website, social media, official programs, and in their any public relations activities. 

So cool!

I have participated in 26 full marathons in 6 countries thus far. None has asked me to share my own story about running!

Therefore, I feel so excited to receive this email from Tokyo Marathon 2018 to share my own story about running.  

Yes, I want to share my own story about running - in 160 words (as per requirement) to inspire others.

This is what I submitted to Tokyo Marathon 2018 Entry Desk:

I started running in November 2010 and completed my first virgin full marathon in 2012. I have run twenty six (26) full marathons in six (6) countries ever since. My PB is 3 hours 48 minutes. I have applied five times to run at Tokyo Marathon buy my previous four attempts were unsuccessful. I'm so excited that my application is finally accepted at the fifth try to run at Tokyo Marathon 2018. It will also be my first time to visit Japan. I look forward to enjoying the festive atmosphere, cheering supportive crowd for the whole 42km, and the beautiful Tokyo sceneries, culture and people. I will also be staying at my Japanese God brother's house. How awesome! I will soak myself totally in Japanese culture! I even want to capture all my Tokyo Marathon 2018 experiences in #RoadToTokyoMarathon2018 in my blog  Tokyo, here I come!

I'm not sure if it will be accepted or not from thousands of stories submitted by other runners, but I'm just thrilled that Tokyo Marathon 2018 Entry Desk has asked at first place. 

Super excited!

Words: Vincent Khor
Date: October 30, 2017

Thank you very much for reading my experience sharing. Appreciate it very much! You can also follow updates at Instagram and Facebook


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