Tokyo Marathon 2018: Course Movie and Course Map

Tokyo Marathon 2018 42km Course Map
So, this is what Tokyo Marathon 2018's 42km race route is going to look like! Wow, we will be running in the streets of Tokyo witnessing the past, present and future of Tokyo!

From the course map, it looks like the Start Line (Tokyo Metropolitan Government Office) and Finish line (Tokyo Station) are different. Out of 26 full marathons I have participated, only Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon has different start and finish line.

The high anticipation of participating in Tokyo Marathon 2018 and first visit to Japan really gets me so hyped up!

Tokyo is new to me.

Tokyo Marathon 2018 is new to me.

I can't wait to have totally new experience in Japan!

Between now and then, I'm sure I will be watching Tokyo Marathon 2018 course movie a few times. lol!

#RoadtoTokyoMarathon2018 continues!

Words: Vincent Khor
Date   : 1 November 2017

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