New Balance it is!

If you have read my previous two articles ( New Balance: My Next Running Shoe? and ASICS: My Next Running Shoe? ), you would know that I have been searching for my "next brand" of running shoe for three months now. In between New Balance and ASICS, I also tried out Newton Distance running shoe a few times. I have been torn on what brand and model to buy - based on my own running needs, price, functionality, and design.

After 6.5 months of rest from full marathon races since Hat Yai Marathon 2017 on April 30, I have four upcoming full marathons within next four months:
  • November 12: Tian Zhong Marathon 2017 in Taiwan (台湾米仓田中马拉松)
  • November 26: Penang Bridge International Marathon 2017 
  • December 10: Klang International Marathon 2017
  • February 25:   Tokyo Marathon 2018
And I have been bothered by what running shoe I should wear for the upcoming four full marathons. My current Saucony Kinvara 8 is showing signs of wear and tear and it might not last for another four full marathons.

I'm glad my search is over today.

Almost Newton...

I was influenced by sub-3hour marathoner Darren Looi's sharing during 2ndSkin / Hammer Nutrition Malaysia - May I Inspire running clinic on 27 Aug. He wears Newton running shoe.

2 weeks ago I almost bought Newton Men's Distance V at Key Power Sport during sale for RM 419. Unfortunately, the last available pair of Newton Distance V has a minor defect on the upper sole. Therefore, I decided not to buy. 

And I can't afford to pay RM 619 for a pair of Newton Men's Distance VI.

In Chinese saying, it's called "no fate" with Newton! 😂

Almost ASICS...

I also tried out ASICS Thartherzeal 5 several times in several occasions. But not once I walked out with ASICS running shoe in my shopping bag.

This morning, I walked into Stadium at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur hoping to come out with a pair of running shoe. ASICS Thartherzeal 5 is on sale for RM419 after discount. I was excited. Unfortunately, they don't have stock available for shoe size US 9.5.

What a bummer!

I walked out empty handed full of disappointments.

New Balance 1500 v3 it is!

I went to the beautiful New Balance Concept Store in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur twice already (September and October). Both times, I have been provided with excellent service by this wonderful chap called Arif. 

During my last visit in October, there was no sale but I could buy New Balance 1500 v3 with 10% discount (for shoes above RM500). 

From the original price of RM539, I could have bought it for RM485. I was hesitant because even after 10% discount, the price is still beyond my budget, way too high for me. 

It was nice of Arif to ask me to drop by the concept store again end of October as there "might" be a sale.

I was elated today when I walked into New Balance concept store at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. The friendly New Balance staff Arif still remembers me. He is forever smiling providing excellent service. And New Balance 1500 v3 is on sale: 30% discount!!  Some selected models of New Balance Zante and others even have discounts up to 50%. That's such a good deal!

Arif helped me to check on my shoe size: US 9.5!

Viola! Got stock for shoe size US 9.5!  

I couldn't withhold my happiness already. I quickly asked him to take it out for me to try out again.

As I wore it to walk around and run a bit in the spacious New Balance concept store, immediately I felt the connection with this pair of New Balance 1500 v3!

The earlier concern of the toe box didn't seem to be a big matter anymore this morning. I felt quite comfortable after a short walk and run with the shoe in the store. I'm not sure if it will create problem for me when running full marathons,  but I guess I could wear thinner socks if I have to. 

With the irresistible price of RM377.30 after 30% discount, the nice trendy design, the beautiful dark blue color (which means I can wear it as a daily city leisure shoe after the wear and tear of running full marathons in it), and of course the functionality of a racing shoe, I walked out from New Balance concept store a happy customer with a new pair of New Balance 1500 v3 and a RM 377.30 dent in my pocket! haha!

Road to Tokyo Marathon 2018 with New Balance 1500 v3

After wearing Skechers and Saucony for the last few years, it seems like New Balance and I are fated for the next phase of running journey!

I must thank Ramond Foo, a sub4-hour full marathoner who has run more than 100 ultra / full marathons, and Azrizal Hussin, the fast elite runner and New Balance brand ambassador. Both of them have wealth of experience and knowledge in New Balance running shoes. They have given me a lot of advice and guidance on choosing the right model of New Balance running shoe.  

It looks like it's going to be New Balance1500 v3 for my Tokyo Marathon 2018! 😀

But before that, I have three (3) full marathons to run. 

To test it out, I have decided to take my new baby New Balance 1500 v3 out for a slow 10 km run this coming Sunday. And I shall wear New Balance 1500 v3 to run my first full marathon after a 6.5-month rest in Taiwan at Tian Zhong Marathon 2017 (台湾米仓田中马拉松) next Sunday.

I'm super excited!

New Balance - you'd better be good to me yeah after such a long search to have finally found you! haha!

I definitely will write my shoe review and race review to share with you all later.

Wish me luck! :)

Oh yes - if you want to buy running shoes, now it's the best time! New Balance and Stadium both have year-end sale! May be other brands might have sale too! 

So, hurry up! Go give yourself an early Christmas present before your shoe size is gone! 😁

Words: Vincent Khor
Date   : 3 November 2017


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