Bukit Aman Runners' SCKLM2018 Training Launch

Bukit Aman Runners at SCKLM2018 Training Launch

Inspirational Quote: Running together makes friendships stronger and stronger
Great thanks to Bukit Aman Runners's Captain Tai Kok Keong and its committee members for organising this awesome launch of SCKLM2018 full marathon training for BA runners at Padang Merbok on January 7,  2018.

I was very happy and excited to have joined Bukit Aman Runners for the training launch!

Here are some snapshots of the fun activities that would have captured the essence and spirit of Bukit Aman Runners! (All photos credit to Mr Chan WK. Thank you Mr Chan WK for all the marvellous photos. )

Running together can really make friendships stronger and stronger. And running together also motivates us to keep running, and run faster too! 💪😀

Stretching and warming up before flagging off!

We had a 10 minute warm up and stretching session before the flag-off with exciting music to keep us pumping! 

20 km run with pacers (Group 1, Group 2, Group 3)

We were then split into three groups depending on our full marathon target times. All three groups have pacers as well. The target was to run from Bukit Aman car park to Seri Hartamas' Petronas Station and back, totalling about 20 km.

A very pleasant surprise for a sweet couple's wedding anniversary! 

Congrats on your wedding anniversary! And who says running can't be fun?😛

Celebrations of the launching of BA Runners SCKLM2018 training 

Everyone was smiling! It was such a joyous, fun happy morning! Congrats once again to Bukit Aman Runners and Captain Tai for really motivating all of us to train harder - in a very fun and motivating way! Thank you! So happy to be a part of it!

Plenty of sponsored yummy food for the happy and hungry BA runners

Wow! So so much food! I mean - really a lot of food to eat! Thank you to the sponsors! Really appreciate your kind gestures feeding our hungry stomachs after the long 20km run! 

Q & A Sessions by Mr Lee Keng Boo, sub3-hour marathoner

Inspiring Q & A session by Mr Lee sharing on his running tips on how he trained and achieved the illusive sub3-hour full marathon!

For all the 8 running tips shared by Mr Lee, please head over to read his sharing: 8 running tips by sub-3hour marathoner Mr Lee Keng Boo

About Bukit Aman Runners

Bukit Aman Runners comprise of very passionate runners with Mr. Tai Kok Keong as their captain. They usually meet at Padang Merbok car park on Saturday and Sunday morning around 6am for weekly dose of LSD runs. 

Bukit Aman Runners' Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/625719450804782/

Thank you once again to Bukit Aman Runners and Captain Tai! You all made the SCKLM2018 training launch so unforgettable, fun, exciting and motivating!

I can't wait to join your next session! :)

Quote of the day.  Experience is the teacher of all things!

Photo credit.         Photos by Mr Chan WK. Thank you Mr Chan for all the marvellous photos.

Words.                  Vincent Khor
Date.                     January 11, 2018
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