Inspirational Quote: "Life is short... running makes it seem longer."

Life is short... running makes it seem longer. by Baron Hansen

Photographer      : Vincent Khor
Place                 : Mid Valley Megamall, KL
Camera              : Samsung S7 Edge

Why this inspirational quote?

Since I bought my first road bike HASA slightly more than a month ago, I have been posting photos of my weekly cycling. And since I haven't joined a running race for the last 5+ months since February, hardly there are any running photos of me on facebook. :)

This prompted a friend to ask me if now I am more inclined to cycling compared to running. 

Well, here is the answer:

I still love running. 

Running is my first love. 

Running started every thing for me since late 2010 and it has changed my lifestyle in a good way since then. 

I really enjoy running a lot. And recently, I have been running 30 km LSD on Sundays for the last 3+ months. 

The reason for no LSD running photos on FB is because I don't carry my phone to run along (cos I like to run light and try to avoid the bounciness of the phone inside the waist pouch) whereas I carry a phone while cycling (easier to carry; no bouncing). :)

Running truly gives me a great satisfaction as if I have achieved something. When my life is slowing down, it's always a great joy to realize that there are still things I can improve and get better. :) 

What can I say - I will enjoy running until the day I can't walk.

It seems... running really makes my life seem longer.. :)


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