Longest cycling ride (74 km) with Macgyver, his apprentice and a flat tyre

longest cycling ride (74 km) with Macgyver, his apprentice and a flat tyre on 2016.07.02

July 2 was my 4th cycling ride (1st being 17 km familiarization ride, followed by 47 km ride twice) and it was my longest cycling ride ever - 74 km in total.

I'm very grateful to both of my friends Kok Ghee and Jason for bringing me to go beyond my limit on this exciting bicycle ride from Bukit Jelutong to Kundang to Rawang and back.

Never in my wildest dream that I ever thought of this day to cycle so far - all the way to Rawang!! lol! It shows that when there is a will, there is a way

You would have noticed by now that I'm rather stubborn. I still didn't buy my running short or tri shorts yet. You guessed it - I rode the whole 74 km on my running gear (ASICS running vest and ASICS running shorts and Arena swimming trunk inside). Somehow, I still feel comfortable with wearing my running outfit. I love running. It makes me feel slightly more confident while cycling since I'm still a newbie on the bike. And my butt - oh my butt - it still came out okay - no bruise, not much pain, but only a little soreness after the 74 km ride. haha! Tough butt I guess!

Kok Ghee brought us to Kundang to look for food, but we coudn't find. Then we cycled all the way to Rawang town for food before turning back.

I was quite scared at the beginning because from Bukit Jelutong to Kundang and Rawang, we were riding on the highway and not the motorbike lane. I tried to stay as close as possible to the side for safety precaution.

I was very thankful to both Kok Ghee and Jason. KG was leading the way and Jason was behind me most times trying to ensure I'm ok. Even after he overtook me, he would look behind to ensure I was okay. Truly, they both have helped me so much in my infant stage of the cycling journey.

I must say it was also a rather dramatic cycling ride. :) And I had few unforgettable learning experiences in this74 km journey.

Lessons Learned & Experiences Gained

1. Picked up my water tumbler with one hand to drink while I was still on the bicycle

I didn't dare to pedal though because I was worried I would be out of balance and fall off the bike. But thank goodness I was slowly learning to let go of one hand to reach out to my water tumbler. Before this, I had to stop my bike to drink. (Shy shy!)

2. Rode under scorching hot sun for such long hours.

We reached back to Bukit Jelutong around 1130 am, a 5 hour ride. My hands were burning. My back was like on fire. At times, I was having difficulty breathing. I was told that the temperature was as high as 38 degree celsius. 

But I am glad I survived the challenge. This is something I need to get used to - embracing the hot sun. Otherwise, how do I endure the 2km swim, 90 km bike and 21 km run all in one day? haha! (Hmmm - shall I put sun block next round? Perhaps I shall ask the pros...  )

3. Most dramatic experience would be having a flat tyre and fixing it at road side:) 

It was KG's rear tyre. Thank goodness Jason carried tube and the change kit. He is also known as Mr Macgyver since he enjoys being a mechanic. :) I also understand from Jason that he likes to figure out how to fix his bike himself instead of sending to bike shops for service. Awesome!! 

With the spare tube and the tube change kit, Jason, the Macgyver, guided KG, his apprentice, to fix his flat tyre problem. :) As for me, I felt so helpless. I ended up taking photos and selfies. lol!

By the way, I don't have the tube change kit yet. So I was advised to buy one.

Additionally, both Jason and KG asked me to learn how to fix a flat tyre in case it happens to my bike one day.  

Errr - can't i just ride my bike without learning all the technical thingy? I just want to have fun riding. Well - Jason said to me, "all cyclists need to be mechanic and learn how to fix the flatten tyre the least."

Oh well - it seems my head is getting bigger now. So many things to learn. But I like.... stimulating my mind as I learn new things. :)

4. Most selfies, wefies cycling photos taken 

I ended up taking quite a number of photos whenever we had a stop. It's for memory. It's also to gather photos for my blog writing. And I'm getting the hang of taking photos now. 

 5. Take care of environment. Never leave any garbage behind

KG picked up all the pieces, the flatten tube and brought along with him, keeping the road side where we fixed the flat tyre clean.

It's always good to pick up the mess we left behind. And I'm deeply encouraged by his act. 

KG also made sure that I highlighted this point in my sharing so that all cyclists will also be environmentally friendly and taking care of mother nature by not leaving anything behind.

A very good advice by my dear friend indeed. Each and everyone of us can do our part.

Look forward to more exciting cycling journey

After 4 rides, I am starting to enjoy cycling more and more. It's amazing how cycling can make a person additive. I guess it is the Adrenaline rush and the speed that gives cyclist great satisfaction and joy. 

Personally, I find running is more tiring and burning more energy than cycling for the same distance. Cycling is a bit more relaxing because even as we stop pedalling the bike can still roll and continue to move. But in running, if our feet stop, our whole body stops!!! haha!!

So what is next? 

Definitely more exciting cycling rides and learning more about cycling.

And HASA - my beloved road bike, I am loving you more and more! 

Written on 2016.07.13


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