Light of the World.

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Why this inspirational quote?

You are 

You have to findwhat sparks a light in you

so that 
you in your own way can illuminate the world.

Recently, there are so many bad news on newspaper. 

From the gloomy economy, to few gun fires in Malaysia (drug addict brother killing 4 family members in Penang; a business woman gun down in Puchong, etc) which was unheard of, to the terror attack in Nice, France, what's happening to this world?

Why so much darkness

Where is the light?

As much as I feel frustrated and disturbed reading the news, originally I thought I was helpless - that there is nothing much I can do but to pray hard.

But I'm wrong. I'm not helpless.

Besides, praying, the little thing I can do is NOT TO GENERATE NEGATIVITY to people around me as much as possible. 

Not only that, I shall think of ways of how i can spark a light in me so that I can in my own way illuminate the world.

I shall be the light of the world

Be it a little match fire, a little candle light, or a small light bulb, I still can still in my own way illuminate the world.

I would want to constantly remind myself to be the light of the world, no matter how small my light is. 

And I would like to encourage us to illuminate our little own light - to shine forth to those close to us - to bring love, peace, joy and hope to them.

Does it matter if the light is small? 

It ain't matter. 

As long as it's light - as light will chase away darkness. And as long as we do our little part. 

We might not be able to change the world. But definitely we can do something about it. 

And it starts with us. 

Let's be the light of the world.

Written on 2016.07.16


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