Simple boring breakfast, lunch and snacks in office

If you were to ask my colleagues, they will be able to tell you how boring and predictable I'm with my food on office. 

Mon to FridayDay in day out same old thing, except occasional exceptions! :)

Weekday breakfast in office
My weekday breakfast is rather standard. Usually it starts with one banana before morning gym.
After arriving at office after morning gym, I will then reach out to 3 standard jars on my table:

     1. Anlene milk powder
     2. Quaker instant oat meal
     3. Biogrow Oat BG22 oan bran powder

While opening my laptop checking emails, I will then simultaneously make myself a cup of Anlene + Quaker + Biogrow with one spoonful each mixed with water.

As I eat my delicious oats with milk, I also work on my laptop. :)

To balance it off, I will then eat one apple taken from home to complete my breakfast. 

That would have given me enough energy to last until lunch time. :)

But of course,  I cheat as well occasionally. :) I will then eat fried mee hoon or bread or small pack of nasi lemak instead. But it happens may be once every 2-3 months. :) 

No wonder one of my colleagues likes to call me "Mr Gandum" due to my predictable, boring breakfast routine! :)

I love my breakfast - gandum and susu and apple! with a banana 2 hours before. 

Weekday Lunch in office
Boring again to most, but I love my simple healthy lunch!

I used to prepare my lunch from home but now our new maid has helped to prepare my simple lunch beforehand and stock up 2-day to 3-day stock in the fridge so that I can just pick and go in the early morning.

Preparation is incredibly simple! 

     1. Carrot
     2. Zucchini
     3. Tomato
     4. Onion
     5. Celery
     6. Capsicum

     1. Ayam brand canned tuna (usually chunks in olive oil or water)

As you can see, all the vegetables are not expensive. And are all bought from NSK or morning market. I think it cost less than RM 2 to prepare one set. :) Affordable yet nutritious! Colorful too! :)

To add protein, I will mix the vegetables with half can of Ayam brand Tuna. My most favorite tuna flavor is "Chunks in Olive Oil".  Again, I store the canned tuna in office. :)

So during lunch time, I will then mix the vegetables with half can of tuna. If I so hapen to have chili tuna, I will not add any salad dressing. 

But if the tuna is in oil or water, I will then add salad dressing. I usually will go for 99% fat free salad dressing. :)

Very simple to make right?  

Simple office lunch = vegetables + tuna + salad dressing

Question is, can one eat it every day for 3-5 straight days in a week? :)

Any cheat day? Of course. Cheat days are those days that I need to go out for lunch with colleagues. So it might be one or two times per week. But uually I will end up eating the packed vegetable + tuna for min 3 to 4 days a week.

Boring, no? haha!

Now you know why I'm known to be rather boring on food. lol!

This is how my simple vegetable lunch is prepared and put inside food container

Once done, my vegetable lunch set will be stored in the refrigerator inside food container.

Here you go - my complete set of simple lunch: packed vegetables from home and half can of tuna with salad dressing. :) Simple to make, right? But boring, no?

My simple lunch. 3-5 days a week in office after mixing together. I am so used to it that I find it still nice to eat! But my colleagues definitely can't stand me eating same old thing every day. haha!

Weekday snacks in office
I don't keep snacks or biscuits or anything on my work table, except fruits. :) 

I have a very bad habit. If I see nuts - any sorts of nuts like peanut or almond - I will go crazy. See - I am a nut lover. And I will finish it up before I can stop myself from eating. Same for snacks, especially crunchy snacks.  Therefore, I don't like to keep any on my table. Out of sight, out of mind

But should I want to eat any snacks, I will then go to my colleagues' tables in different floor to curi makan or hijack some to eat. haha! That happens when I get very hungry. lol!

So what do I eat for my snacks? 

1 apple and 1 orange. (with the additional apple for breakfast, that would have made it 2 apples and 1 orange for the day)

I can just walk to a meeting with an apple in my hand and munch on it. My office colleagues are quite used to it. Kasihan them for putting up with my weird behavior!

And if I do get really hungry and I try to avoid eating colleagues' biscuits, chips etc, I will then make myself a nice glass of hot MILO without milk or sugar. 

Usually that will do and make me last until I reach home for dinner. 
This is what I bring to office each day from home: 1 orange, 2 apples, 1 can of tuna (can last 2 days), and vegetable lunch box. :)

There you go, now you know what I eat in office every day already. No more secret! :)

If you find the simple recipe to your liking, please feel free to try. :) But no promise that you will not get bored with it.

Written on 2016.09.11


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