Sunburn after 7 hours 33 min at 113 Triathlon Bukit Merah 2016

Today marks exactly 1 week after my virgin half Ironman (2km swim, 90km bike, 21km run) finish at 113 Triathlon Bukit Merah 2016 held on September 4, 2016. (For the detailed race report, you can read it here.)

Completion of half Ironman for the first time last Sunday has left me feeling surreal and overjoyed until now. And I still feel the adrenaline rush of 113 Triathlon whenever I think about it.

The unforgettable wonderful experience of spending 7 hours 33 min under hot scorching sun to swim, bike and run has left a lasting mark in my heart and memory. And it also leaves sunburn mark on my body - even more evident one week after the 113 triathlon. lol!

Yes, I did apply sun block lotion before the swim. But I guess I should have re-applied again before the bike leg as well as the run leg. I should have applied 3 times in total indeed. Ok ok - lesson learned through my first half Ironman.

What has happened to my body?

Whole body

My body color has become darker and darker as days go by. In Malay word, I have become "hitam manis". My colleagues asked me, "how come you become so dark?" I grinned and smiled and said I just finished my triathlon under hot sun. haha!

Due to the over exposed under the sun. I got breakouts on my face!! 3 huge pimples in total! One on the nose; one on the cheek and one on the chin. Sob sob! Gee - I'm so old already still have pimples / acne?
3 breakouts / acne / pimples on face!!!  the big one is on the nose!! sob sob!

"113 Triathlon 172" mark is there there after 1 week. Amazing!! This one I love the most!! It's like a tattoo!! No complaints!! haha!

113 Triathlon 172 sunburn mark - I like!! it looks like a tattoo!! lol!

2 sunburn marks: my Timex Ironman digital watch and the yellow race wrist band.
yucks! ugly!

The mark of TYR cycling tights!! Now I have 2 layers - 1 is from swimming trunk and another from this cycling tights. lol!! I have a 3-layered thigh already, like the Kuching layer cake (kuih lapis)! haha!

Another ugly sunburn mark!! 

Can you see can you see? It's peeling!! Ouch!!
exposed most to sun during cycling!! peeling already!! ouch!!

Upper Back
This is the ugliest of all!! It has 2 layers. More obvious one is from my ASICS running vest with pocket used for cycling. Another one is from Adidas SCKLM 2016 running vest. Errr - so ugly!!

ugly ugly ugly!!! 

I have applied body lotion twice every day but it still turns out to have rather bad sunburn marks after one week.

Well - it's the price to pay for doing 3 sports under hot sun in 7 hours 33 min.

But hey - it's well worth it for my maiden Half Ironman!!

But in future, I shall apply the highest level sub block lotion a few times!! haha!!

And I don't want to end up like the below:  :)

Written on 2016.09.11


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